Celebrating Ramadan Eid, 2018

Assalam waleikum
Ramadan Mubarak to all and everyone. Ramadan eid or Eid-ul-fitr comes with peace, right after one month of roja or fasting. During this one holy month of fasting, we get to learn a lot of things such as patience, inner peace, brings family together and strength our relationship with god. But if you are unable to fast due to some reason, then it is not mandatory to fast. During Ramadan, the muslims give zakat to the poor and the needy ones. Zakat is one of the five pillars of islam and is a compulsory giving of a set of one’s wealth as a charity to the needy ones.

In this festival, we also have a tradition of gifting among the family and loved ones. On the day of eid, we do our prayers and wear new clothes and take blessings from our elders. We not only clean and decorated our homes but also the masjid and the street with vibrant color of lights. On this day, we celebrate by getting together with our family and food is served and eaten along with yum deserts.This year we are celebrating eid on 16th june. 
Here are few of the pics from my home town

Hope you had an amazing eid! Khuda Hafiz!

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