Holistic approach to life: Introduction

In this busy and rusted lives of today, it has become really challenging to take a second breathe for our self and examine our health. Most of our morning starts with rushing to work, running here and there, grabbing quick bites which are mostly unhealthy and by the end of the day, end up feeling tired and exhausted, having no energy to go to gym and work-out. A lot of people live their life knowing they aren’t living or feeling the way they should but aren’t really sure about what to do about it. It was same in my case, I was exhausted and was rushing everything in my life and mostly, was trying to deal with everything at once. So, I had to do something about it and after doing a lot of research in order to improve my life, I came across the term, “holistic living” and I am glad I did my research properly. Holistic living means taking care of our entire self; i.e., mind, body, emotions and soul. The dictionary definition of ‘holistic’ is the idea of holism or ‘characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.’

Thus, when we talk about holistic lifestyle, we are talking about living an entirely happy and healthy life. To live a holistic life, we need to take care of our entire self, not just the mind and body but our surroundings as well. In this lifestyle, we consider each and every aspect of our life. For Instance: a person who is suffering from depression, Rather than just focusing on the symptoms and prescribing the medication, a holistic therapist will focus on all the aspect of life (family, relationships, job, social issue etc) that may lead to depression. As a person with social anxiety, I visited 5 different psychiatrist in my life and all of them  would just talk to me for 5-10 mintues and end up prescribing me medication and i was sleeping all the time without my actual problems being solved. And that is why in order to solve our problems, it is important to see the bigger pictures and understand how all the factors in our life are interconnected and influence one another. Holistic living helps us to live life more intentionally with our thoughts, words and actions. It helps to increase mental clarity, happiness and energy by reducing our stress, anxiety and those overwhelm feeling.

2020 was a big year for me and I would call it the year that opened my eyes. Habits or Changes I made in the past 8-9 months of my holistic living journey:

  1. Acknowledging where I am/was/will be: The first step was to know where I was in life, what were my bad habits, it was a bit uncomfortable at first, because we as a human being have the habit of lying to ourselves as well which leads to procrastination and so many negative things in our life. I made a long list of all the things relating to my mind, body and soul. And made plan how to solve each problem and improve myself in all the aspects.
  2. Focus on one thing at a time: After writing down all the things one by one. Now I had to start making changes, which is the toughest part. Beginning is always tough! It is also important to understand that we can’t do everything at once, we might go crazy or even give up assuming it’s not for us. So, It is always better to take one task at a time because when we focus on one thing at a time, it immediately affect the other as well. For instance, I used to be weak, under-weight and have a little or no energy all the time, so I start having my dinner at 8:30 everyday and sleep before 11:00 and get a sleep on 7-8 hours a day. When I acquired the habit of waking up early, I got the time to do include yoga and meditation in my routine and slowly one by one, I started eating on time, get a sleep of 8 hours a day, do yoga and workout and try to read as much as I can. I am no longer in the category of under-weight.
  3. Research, learn and set purposeful goals: It is always important to do a thorough research on the topic that we are going to make part of our life. No one’s holistic journey can be same and therefore, it requires a lot of research and learning to find the best possible strategies to implement in our life. It is also important to set purposeful intentions and divide them into into tiny goals but first we have to set our intentions. For instance, I want to stop feeling guilty about spending too much of money, so here my intention here is to create a healthy money mindset and how can I achieve it? By making a list of all the expenditure and make plan on how to procure one habit at a time.
  4. Sticking to the plan and goals: Once, the intentions and mini goals are set, it is time to take action without procrastinating any task. It’s okay to get lost sometimes to learn the value of something, but remember not to get too lost so that all your hard work get wasted. Always visualize your higher self and work hard for it.

Living a holistic lifestyle is much easier than most people think or say. Because most people don’t understand that holistic living isn’t a destination, it’s a life-long journey. Also, holistic lifestyle doesn’t mean doing yoga, meditation, eating healthy and organic food, it’s more of a lifestyle where we actively remove all the toxic things/habits from our life and simplify it for our well-being. So, it is fitting to say, we can acquire it only by practicing and there is no need to rush everything at once, we can acquired it one by one slowly in our life. To create a holistic lifestyle, we can adapt sustainable habits and learn the art of slow living. With practice, we will be able to experience continuous growth in this holistic living journey.

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