The power of our subconscious mind

Let’s just start by saying, I hate my mental health, if I am happy for two days then I will end up doubting myself from one week. I will feel low, doubt myself, my head burns because of my anger issues, I cry at anything and my tears won’t stop coming out like I have an endless amount of water in my “tear glands” and if I start providing water supply, no one would ever face any drought in this planet. Life is really unpredictable because never in my entire life I ever thought that I will turn out to be this depressed adult with so much of social anxiety. I thought I would out-grow this but most of my friends are still in my imagination and not real. I know that sounds sad and I don’t know if I should be sharing on the internet, like literally.

I can’t control how I feel all the time, but I can control what my action will be. So, when I get angry, instead of shouting or breaking things I take deep breaths and remind myself that if I don’t want to regret later, I have to stay calm and react when I am not in a destructive mood. Same goes to, when I feel stressed or sad; I try not to think everything at once which puts me in depression every damn time. So, every time I feel stressed, I go out or have some outdoor activity like reading outside, lol. I am bad at sports and I have always been inside with either books or TV watching animax/national geographic so doing indoor activity outside are the outdoor activities for me. All I want this year is to be less toxic/ selfish people and more accomplishments (big or small) no matter its doing great at my job or brushing my teeth when I feel like killing myself. Even though it is not easy to

I will end this with a quote “What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” – Plutarch

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