My 2022 goals

If we want to climb a big mountain, it is always a good idea to take one step at a time; Same goes for the goals in our life, tiny steps a day will lead us to achieve whatever we want. Last year, I promised myself to live a sustainable life and cause less harm to the planet (because it is impossible to have zero carbon footprints). There are the task I managed to achieve in 2021:

  1. Slow fashion as I am a conscious consumer.
  2. I tried to be a vegan at the beginning of the year but as I stay with my family so I had to drop the idea till the live on my own but I treid reducing the amout this year.
  3. It is hard to utilize the amount of plastic I used or pollution created as I left my job and didn’t left my home cause of the virus.
  4. I did start my own vegetable garden to eat more seasonal and be more healthy.

This year, I will try to achieve more goals and as I am unemployed and have plenty of time, I will make more use of this time to reflect on myself. So, My goals for 2022 are:

  1. Learn to Cook: I will try to be a better cook to turn my family to follow plant based diet and I won’t have to eat non-veg food ever. Trust me, I respect their choice like they did mine when I was in school and the diet has a lot of benefits for diabetic and high/low BP patients.
  2. Be more active: I know I am lazy because all I do is watch Netflix, eat, sleep and repeat. I will pretend this is my time to rise and shine like the one in movies. This year i will try to be physically, mentally and financially independent.
  3. Read More: There was a time I used to read one book a day, now I can’t complete one in a month. I pledge to complete the ‘GoodReads’ challenge this year.
  4.  Be more conscious consumer: well, this wont be that tough for me; after two years of practice of ‘slow fashion’. I am more excited to be more conscious towards other products that I use in daily life.
  5. Build a good garden with organic fruits and veggies.
  6. Do all the things that I wanted to do as a child like painting, writing poem, singing maybe, dancing and mostly, volunteering for right cause. Learn new everyday.
  7. I want to improve my writing for this blog.

I hope this year, I will be busy doing all the things that I listed and when I read this blog, I want to be happy with how much I would achieve at the end of the year.

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