” I deeply enjoy the process of learning between ‘where i am’ and ‘where i want to be’; embrace my flaws and add a little progress each day to make that life a reality”


My name is jennifer and i am a holistic lifestyle blogger and just a girl in the mission of making this world a better place to live in. I know that sound unrealistic and that’s why i need your help. Will you help me and join in this roller coaster journey with me?

A little more about me

I was born and raised in Assam, India, graduated(m.com in finance) in the year 2017 and then i was working as an part-time assistant professor in a college in my hometown. To be honest, life gets tough went we grow up! so, i was confused with my career option and then decided to join college again. My parents were okay with it. So, i will be graduating in 2020 again. Beside that, i have always been passionate about writing and share my story with the world.
I started this journey in 2017, after procrastinating for 3 long years, i decided to put my entire focus on this blog. After doing so many researches, reading good books and taking tips from all the people who live a simple yet such a happy life. I decide to adapt the holistic lifestyle. When it comes to living a holistic lifestyle, one guiding principle reigns true: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Likes and Dislikes:
I am an introvert (INFJ), a bibliophile and my first impressions are awkward (only if i meet someone in real life) and i need time to be friendly with anyone. I love art, learning about anything i find fascinating. I am a day dreamer, dreaming about so many things, always end up procrastinating half of them and i am perfectly okay with it. Through this blog, i hope i will able to inspire anyone who reads my blog. Also, I don’t dislike anything in particular, except ignorant, liars and the people who only think about themselves.

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