It is natural to be angry, sad, confused, disappointed, and scared when we hear about climate change. It is like we can’t move on without a single bad news about environment. Some people just move on saying this is a part of our life or we are paying for our sins but most of usContinue reading “Eco-Anxiety”

My 2022 goals

If we want to climb a big mountain, it is always a good idea to take one step at a time; Same goes for the goals in our life, tiny steps a day will lead us to achieve whatever we want. Last year, I promised myself to live a sustainable life and cause less harmContinue reading “My 2022 goals”


We are going through a lot of crisis right now, forests are burning one after another, new viruses are coming up and locking us inside, people are depressed, losing jobs and what not. But we have to agree on this that most of the environmental pollutions come from the human inventions and some from ourContinue reading “LIGHT POLLUTION”


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Hi, I’m Jenna. Based in Assam, India. Welcome to my world.

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