Get out of your comfort zone (introvert version)

“Comfort is the enemy of progress” – THE GREATEST SHOWMAN

First of all, I hope you all are familiar with the term introvert. Introverts are often mistaken as shy or sometimes lazy as well. But if you try to understand, it is much more than just being shy and not interacting with too many people. I am an introvert and when I was younger I never really thought that not talking with someone will put me in the list of “introvert”. I am still the same introvert person but a bit matured. I generally don’t talk with anyone that I meet and that doesn’t mean i cant start a conversation on my own. If I really want to have conversation and might find a topic which is interesting for me, you might see the inner extrovert coming out. I also have read a lot of books and have seen a lot of videos about how to make friends and influence people but if I see having good friends, I don’t have any. I am my own good friend. We all are, aren’t we? So, i hope if you didn’t know much about introverts, you might have a little bit of idea at least.

So, it’s really tough job for an introvert to come out of their comfort zone and live life like an extrovert. For some of us, comfort zone can be stay in our bedroom whole day doing what we are best at like playing games, blogging, reading books and even eating tonnes of food. And for some of us also like going out all by us like going to a restaurant all by ourself or to a comedy show or even watching a movie. It depends, we all are same but in a different way.

To stay in comfort zone is really important to us. Earlier I used to have panic attacks every time someone would visit our place and I, not able to find a place to hide was the worst. Now I don’t get panic attacks, I just learnt how to do small talks which I absolutely hate.

So, as an introvert or even as an extrovert person, to come out of your comfort zone, you have to face the “Fear Zone” which comes right after our comfort zone. In the fear zone we tend to care too much about what others will think if we do this or that. We make many different excuses and try to get away from the situation as soon as we can. But if we stay for a bit and learn to hold on, we will get to this which is the reason most of us never get what we really want. Stop neglecting and hiding or even running away from things. No one is going to even notice you and if they notice, walk with grace in your attitude and smile in your face. Make them wonder about you because you are unique and if they laugh, you laugh them off. You will learn to  enjoy your life and you cross that “fear zone” with your chin up, darling, you are on the right track.

After we learn how to ditch that “Fear Zone”, we come into “learning zone” where you will be confident enough to go yourself to a place and ask anything you want. You won’t have to tell someone else to make an appointment for you because you had fear of talking over phone. Go through few topics, write your views about them and recite it and also make it like a conversation and talk with an imaginary person. Nothing is impossible in this life. If you want it, you go and get it by yourself. Okay? In the learning you will feel relax and happy because you are enough to do anything in your life. You will learn to deal our problems and solve them without anyone’s’ help and when you be too busy in learning new things in your life, you will see growth in your life and that’s how we reach to another zone which is your “Growth Zone”. And we see our growth, we will seek for more.

In “Growth Zone” you will be living your dreams and will find purpose to your life. You will get excited to face new challenge and even if you fail, you will learn more and would want to explore more in the real world.

Now tell me, don’t you want that in your life? All you need to do is get out of that comfort zone and face the fear zone. Because once we learn how to face our fear zone, there is nothing in that can stop us from living the world we always wanted. And This is how you get out of your comfort zone. So, this is for today. I hope this helped you in facing the life. Do comment below your thoughts.

Lots of love




Feeling like belle from beauty and the beast (inspired by disneybound)

Disney is one of the things that have given me hope about magic, made me believe in happy endings and also in love. I always wanted to be a disney princess. From having very long hair like Rapunzel, singing with the birds and animals like snow white, talking with animals like the some of the princess, reading books like belle and mostly meeting someone who would actually love me back.

Its been almost 6-7 years or maybe more when i first discovered pinterest, where i found “Disney Bound” and it was like a love at first site about the idea of dressing up as a ‘Princess’ or any of your favorite character but with your own twist in it. Finally, i found a way to express my love for Disney and i decided to go for it. but the problem was, i wasn’t sure enough how would i do it. After doing a lot of research and putting up all my courage together, i decided to give it a chance and live my life according the way i always wanted to live.

Processed with VSCO with preset

All the disney characters are my favourite and i decided to do my “Disney bounding” from “Belle” who inspire me a lot. i believe she resembles me a lot, from the love of reading, curious to know more things and that soft part that she has towards the beast. so, my first Disney bound outfit is inspired from Belles’ yellow gown that she wore during that dance and date with the beast. I tried and put the outfit giving a modern twist of my own. 

I wore this amazing yellow dress from kazo and i loved the material very much, along with i am wearing my only white sneakers which i got from a local store and that Mickey Mouse bag which is absolutely my favourite, i bought it from Mango people shop.

Processed with VSCO with preset
Processed with VSCO with preset

However, my brother in law helped me out with the pictures and he is the only photographer i got till now and can demand anything. That’s how family works, right? (ha ha!) 

So, this is it. i tried my best to make it work. As i am new to blogging, don’t forget to comment down below about my outfit and look. i will try more Disney bound outfits in the future. Till then, comment below and share your thoughts and also don’t forget to share this with your friends. xoxo! 

My 2022 goals

If we want to climb a big mountain, it is always a good idea to take one step at a time; Same goes for the goals in our life, tiny steps a day will lead us to achieve whatever we want. Last year, I promised myself to live a sustainable life and cause less harm to the planet (because it is impossible to have zero carbon footprints). There are the task I managed to achieve in 2021:

  1. Slow fashion as I am a conscious consumer.
  2. I tried to be a vegan at the beginning of the year but as I stay with my family so I had to drop the idea till the live on my own but I treid reducing the amout this year.
  3. It is hard to utilize the amount of plastic I used or pollution created as I left my job and didn’t left my home cause of the virus.
  4. I did start my own vegetable garden to eat more seasonal and be more healthy.

This year, I will try to achieve more goals and as I am unemployed and have plenty of time, I will make more use of this time to reflect on myself. So, My goals for 2022 are:

  1. Learn to Cook: I will try to be a better cook to turn my family to follow plant based diet and I won’t have to eat non-veg food ever. Trust me, I respect their choice like they did mine when I was in school and the diet has a lot of benefits for diabetic and high/low BP patients.
  2. Be more active: I know I am lazy because all I do is watch Netflix, eat, sleep and repeat. I will pretend this is my time to rise and shine like the one in movies. This year i will try to be physically, mentally and financially independent.
  3. Read More: There was a time I used to read one book a day, now I can’t complete one in a month. I pledge to complete the ‘GoodReads’ challenge this year.
  4.  Be more conscious consumer: well, this wont be that tough for me; after two years of practice of ‘slow fashion’. I am more excited to be more conscious towards other products that I use in daily life.
  5. Build a good garden with organic fruits and veggies.
  6. Do all the things that I wanted to do as a child like painting, writing poem, singing maybe, dancing and mostly, volunteering for right cause. Learn new everyday.
  7. I want to improve my writing for this blog.

I hope this year, I will be busy doing all the things that I listed and when I read this blog, I want to be happy with how much I would achieve at the end of the year.


We are going through a lot of crisis right now, forests are burning one after another, new viruses are coming up and locking us inside, people are depressed, losing jobs and what not. But we have to agree on this that most of the environmental pollutions come from the human inventions and some from our ignorance. Similarly, Light Pollution is the excessive amount of human-made/artificial light in our surrounding during day and night. It can also have its own consequences for our health, environment and different factor such as it washes out the starlight in the sky, disturbs the astronomical research, and the fireflies are vanishing. Light pollution include: Sky glow, glare, light clutter and light trespass.

Sky glow is brightening the night sky over the inhabitants’ areas where the lights are not needed.

Glare is excessive, unshielded and confusing brightness that can cause visual discomfort

Light clutter is the excessive grouping of lights. It is mainly noticeable where the street lights are badly designed, those bright lit advertisement on the roadways/highways etc.

Light trespass occurs when unwanted light is flashed into someone’s property

How it is affecting us, the animals and the planet?

The planet and its inhabitants have evolved to the rhythms of natural cycle of day and night. We no longer experience the darkness of the night due to excessiveness of the artificial light.

Yes, electric light is the greatest invention and can be a beautiful thing to look at, we can travel during night, don’t have to stay in the dark, makes our home look cosy etc but excessive or inappropriate use of anything can lead to hazardous problem. It is effecting our health, the wildlife animals etc.

Our bodies produce the hormone melatonin in response to circadian rhythm. Melatonin is a hormone primarily released by the pineal gland at night, and has long been associated with control of the sleep–wake cycle. It helps keep us stay healthy. It has antioxidant properties, induces sleep, boosts the immune system, lowers cholesterol, and helps the functioning of the thyroid, pancreas, ovaries, testes and adrenal glands. Night-time exposure to artificial light suppresses melatonin production.

Investigations on negative effects of light pollution on human health found that this pollution can increase the incidence of headache, migration, stress and anxiety and decrease melatonin production in the body, which low melatonin levels can increase the risk of specific cancers. According to a recent study done by Harvard, High exposure to bright, artificial outdoor lights during the night may result in sleepless nights for older adults. The more of this light pollution are exposed to at night, the more they seemed to turn to medication to help them sleep, for example excessive use of our smart-phones, laptops etc can be a problem.

Light pollution can also impact on animals such as their migration patterns, wake-sleep habits and habitat formation. Such as:

  1. Nocturnal animals sleep during the day and are active at night because light pollution completely alters their night time environment by turning darkness of night with all the excessive amount of light.
  2. Glare from the artificial lights can also cause disturbance to the amphibians such as frogs as night-time croaking is a part of their breeding ritual which might lead to reduction of their population.
  3. Sea turtles hatches at night on the beach  and after which they find the sea by detecting the bright horizon over the ocean. These artificial lights draw their attention away from the ocean, causing death which can be seen in the news.
  4. Migratory birds or the birds who hunt at night depends on the cues from properly timed seasonal schedules. Artificial lights can cause them to migrate too early or late and miss the ideal time for nesting and other behaviours. Every year millions of birds die colliding with the buildings and towers, which also can be seen all over internet and news from time to time.
  5. Many insects are also drawn to light. Needless to say, every species depends largely on the insect species and light pollution plays a devastating role in the declining population of the insects which can negatively impact all the species that rely on insects for food or pollination.

What will lead if we don’t stop?

Light pollution contributes to climate change, too, by adding excess heat into the air. Light pollution also leads to air pollution affecting the atmosphere. Since for the illumination at night, huge amounts of electricity are used, this leads to a high level of CO2 emissions and other harmful gases.

Moreover, when it comes to climate change; new diseases, natural disaster  etc follows with it and after the release of sixth assessment report by IPCC, 2021, we can clearly see it all. It will also increase the problem that is stated above on “how it is affecting us”

How can we change?

Despite all the benefits of artificial light that keep us safe from darkness, we should consider the negative actions of the light and comply accordingly. This is 21st century, so along the light pollution, human being has also created some management options to lessen night time light pollution. There are multiple ways we can create a better environment for us and the upcoming generation, here are few ways I personally think we should do:

  1. Reduce the use of decorative: During all the festival season, whether it is New Year or wedding or religious event, artificial lights are used as “decorative” which can be used with more eco-friendly decorative options.
  2. Use a covered light which is facing downwards: by installing directional covers on outdoor lights so they only illuminate the areas where they are needed. Or, another solution can be by investing in lights motion-activated so they’re only on when people are around. Also, turning off the street light when not in use.
  3. Usage of more CFLs: CFLs help by using up to 75% less energy than other lamps which decreases the amount of green house gas emission in our atmosphere. There is an article “LED practical guide” on the website darksky.org, check that out and learn more.
  4. Minimize the use of lights:
  5. Refrain from light trespassing: Avoid lights that are reaches where it is not needed by putting better quality lights, motion sensor lights, dimmers etc.
  6. Glare-free lightning for the vehicles: When buying a vehicle make sure to go through the description properly because certain companies only cares about their profit and provide the customer with cheap material without being concern about their life.
  7. Development of the better alternatives for light pollution: Rejecting cheap and poorly made things and asking the companies to make better alternatives that is good for the environment and also, the government to take necessary actions against the one who violates the rules to keep the environment save because we deserve to live a quality life in a good environment.
  8. Have all information and facts about light pollution: Read more and more, get educated and teach others as well because there is never enough information, we can learn.

If you wish to know more, please read go the website darksky.org and you can get involved with them by joining their membership, donate, join their email list etc.

There are other websites like: globeatnight.org, nationalgeographic.com, conserve-energy-future.com, treehugger.com, scarce.org, earthhour.org etc. who talk about environment and there are a lot of YouTube videos discussing about this topic in details. Check them out

And don’t forget to check the website Lightpollutionmap.info to know the light pollution in your area.

Remember, it might be too late to stop climate change, but together we can slow it down.

The power of our subconscious mind

Let’s just start by saying, I hate my mental health, if I am happy for two days then I will end up doubting myself from one week. I will feel low, doubt myself, my head burns because of my anger issues, I cry at anything and my tears won’t stop coming out like I have an endless amount of water in my “tear glands” and if I start providing water supply, no one would ever face any drought in this planet. Life is really unpredictable because never in my entire life I ever thought that I will turn out to be this depressed adult with so much of social anxiety. I thought I would out-grow this but most of my friends are still in my imagination and not real. I know that sounds sad and I don’t know if I should be sharing on the internet, like literally.

I can’t control how I feel all the time, but I can control what my action will be. So, when I get angry, instead of shouting or breaking things I take deep breaths and remind myself that if I don’t want to regret later, I have to stay calm and react when I am not in a destructive mood. Same goes to, when I feel stressed or sad; I try not to think everything at once which puts me in depression every damn time. So, every time I feel stressed, I go out or have some outdoor activity like reading outside, lol. I am bad at sports and I have always been inside with either books or TV watching animax/national geographic so doing indoor activity outside are the outdoor activities for me. All I want this year is to be less toxic/ selfish people and more accomplishments (big or small) no matter its doing great at my job or brushing my teeth when I feel like killing myself. Even though it is not easy to

I will end this with a quote “What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” – Plutarch

Holistic approach to life: Introduction

In this busy and rusted lives of today, it has become really challenging to take a second breathe for our self and examine our health. Most of our morning starts with rushing to work, running here and there, grabbing quick bites which are mostly unhealthy and by the end of the day, end up feeling tired and exhausted, having no energy to go to gym and work-out. A lot of people live their life knowing they aren’t living or feeling the way they should but aren’t really sure about what to do about it. It was same in my case, I was exhausted and was rushing everything in my life and mostly, was trying to deal with everything at once. So, I had to do something about it and after doing a lot of research in order to improve my life, I came across the term, “holistic living” and I am glad I did my research properly. Holistic living means taking care of our entire self; i.e., mind, body, emotions and soul. The dictionary definition of ‘holistic’ is the idea of holism or ‘characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.’

Thus, when we talk about holistic lifestyle, we are talking about living an entirely happy and healthy life. To live a holistic life, we need to take care of our entire self, not just the mind and body but our surroundings as well. In this lifestyle, we consider each and every aspect of our life. For Instance: a person who is suffering from depression, Rather than just focusing on the symptoms and prescribing the medication, a holistic therapist will focus on all the aspect of life (family, relationships, job, social issue etc) that may lead to depression. As a person with social anxiety, I visited 5 different psychiatrist in my life and all of them  would just talk to me for 5-10 mintues and end up prescribing me medication and i was sleeping all the time without my actual problems being solved. And that is why in order to solve our problems, it is important to see the bigger pictures and understand how all the factors in our life are interconnected and influence one another. Holistic living helps us to live life more intentionally with our thoughts, words and actions. It helps to increase mental clarity, happiness and energy by reducing our stress, anxiety and those overwhelm feeling.

2020 was a big year for me and I would call it the year that opened my eyes. Habits or Changes I made in the past 8-9 months of my holistic living journey:

  1. Acknowledging where I am/was/will be: The first step was to know where I was in life, what were my bad habits, it was a bit uncomfortable at first, because we as a human being have the habit of lying to ourselves as well which leads to procrastination and so many negative things in our life. I made a long list of all the things relating to my mind, body and soul. And made plan how to solve each problem and improve myself in all the aspects.
  2. Focus on one thing at a time: After writing down all the things one by one. Now I had to start making changes, which is the toughest part. Beginning is always tough! It is also important to understand that we can’t do everything at once, we might go crazy or even give up assuming it’s not for us. So, It is always better to take one task at a time because when we focus on one thing at a time, it immediately affect the other as well. For instance, I used to be weak, under-weight and have a little or no energy all the time, so I start having my dinner at 8:30 everyday and sleep before 11:00 and get a sleep on 7-8 hours a day. When I acquired the habit of waking up early, I got the time to do include yoga and meditation in my routine and slowly one by one, I started eating on time, get a sleep of 8 hours a day, do yoga and workout and try to read as much as I can. I am no longer in the category of under-weight.
  3. Research, learn and set purposeful goals: It is always important to do a thorough research on the topic that we are going to make part of our life. No one’s holistic journey can be same and therefore, it requires a lot of research and learning to find the best possible strategies to implement in our life. It is also important to set purposeful intentions and divide them into into tiny goals but first we have to set our intentions. For instance, I want to stop feeling guilty about spending too much of money, so here my intention here is to create a healthy money mindset and how can I achieve it? By making a list of all the expenditure and make plan on how to procure one habit at a time.
  4. Sticking to the plan and goals: Once, the intentions and mini goals are set, it is time to take action without procrastinating any task. It’s okay to get lost sometimes to learn the value of something, but remember not to get too lost so that all your hard work get wasted. Always visualize your higher self and work hard for it.

Living a holistic lifestyle is much easier than most people think or say. Because most people don’t understand that holistic living isn’t a destination, it’s a life-long journey. Also, holistic lifestyle doesn’t mean doing yoga, meditation, eating healthy and organic food, it’s more of a lifestyle where we actively remove all the toxic things/habits from our life and simplify it for our well-being. So, it is fitting to say, we can acquire it only by practicing and there is no need to rush everything at once, we can acquired it one by one slowly in our life. To create a holistic lifestyle, we can adapt sustainable habits and learn the art of slow living. With practice, we will be able to experience continuous growth in this holistic living journey.

My New Year resolution for sustainable lifestyle: 2021 edition

A few years ago I committed to live a sustainable lifestyle and while I am still trying to make a lot of changes in my life to living more productively and do something for the planet and myself. I thought, it would be suitable to share some of my resolutions and tactics in the hope of inspiring others to make more sustainable choices in their life.

We are hearing the word “sustainable” a lot these days by the companies and brands but are they really sustainable or just green washing? I know a lot of people want to live their life more sustainably but can’t figure out where to start. Trust me, it was tough for me as well but if we really want to do something in our life then the nothing can stop us. Also, its not that tough as it looks like. Here’s a list of 10 resolutions I want to procure this year:

  • Reduce Plastic Use: If there is one thing we can do to get started on a journey to this sustainable lifestyle, it would be to reduce plastic use on a daily basis. Plastic is one of the biggest problem and we all know how awful it is for the environment. It always end up in landfills destroying our ocean, river and basically, it’s everywhere in our place. Even though it’s really something we can’t get rid of completely but there are some alternatives we have to switch with and also, some of our habits we need to change. Like saying “no” to plastic bags and always carry a reusable grocery bag with us, Stopped buying bottled water (there is a video made by CBSN on plastic water bottle. Everyone should watch it) and start carrying their reusable water bottle which can be stainless steel, glass and other bottles made with natural fibres. Always say no to plastic cutlery like plastic straw, spoon etc. and carry your own that you have at your home made of steel, bamboo, glass etc. And since hygiene is so important, this habit will also save us from other human touch. There are many other ways to avoid plastic in our daily life like not buying groceries wrapped in plastic and buying organic food, when we are out and feel lazy to cook, instead of asking to pack with plastic we can always carry our silicon bag which is an amazing alternative and amazing one time investment. People often tell me that these eco-friendly products are so costly but can’t you see, it’s a one time investment and will last for lifetime.
  • Reduce the use of chemical in my household: A lot of cleaning products are loaded with harmful chemical which is not only bad for our environment but also for our habits. For this, there are so many eco-friendly Indian brands we can switch to. Like
  • Buy local and seasonal produce: I am trying to eat more healthy food these days and eating local and mostly, seasonal is a great option for a healthier and sustainable life. Also, there are tons of recipe out there for every single fruits and veggies. I am learning to grow herbs and veggies in my garden which is really fun.
  • Eat less meat: These livestock industry is really awful in every way, Not only eating too much of meat is bad for our health but it is also bad for our environment because they release the greenhouse gasses and you know what those gasses does to the ozone layer. From a year, I was having up and downs with my parents because they won’t let be go vegan. Only Indian kids living with Indian parents can understand this, we are not allowed to do anything no matter what our age is. Anyway, after going through a lot with my parents and showing how guilty I feel when I eat meat, I am a vegetarian now. But this year, I will try to reduce my diary consumption as well. And if someone is hard-core non vegetarian, I always suggest them to implement something like “meatless Monday” like in Hinduism, they have a day when they are not allowed to eat non-veg which I learnt from my friends
  • Embracing minimalism: The term minimalism has grown drastically in the last few years but do you know the exact meaning of minimalism. Minimalism isn’t only buying things with less print or whatsoever. Its more about buying more consciously and not buying things in the name of fashion. Slow fashion can be a great example of minimalism.
  • Be more mindful while shopping: Textile industry is only one of the polluted industry but it also exploit human rights and has so many endless issues. So, slow fashion is one of the movements which I joined two years ago and always prefer to check the values, beliefs and other information of the brands. It’s always better to buy from a local ethical brands rather than buying from fast fashion brands. Many people even complain that they don’t find their size and that’s the reason they choose fast fashion brands over the local one. I understand, Even when I was underweight, I wasn’t able to find my clothing size and had to sew my clothes. I understand, fast fashion brands are great, they are not that pricey, has so many variety, always on discount etc. but those clothes ain’t going to help you breathe when those clothes that you wore end up in landfill and destroy our eco system. And even if you think you are having benefits from those discounts, you might want to look again because with so much of discount, they are neither neither give quality products nor paying enough wages to the people who make these cheap quality clothes. So, be aware and train yourself to be a conscious consumer. Trust me, I have an MBA degree with major in finance and marketing and I have read so many case studies how these companies trick your brain and use different psychology techniques to make you buy their products. All I am telling you is to save your work hard money and use it on the use in the products that will benefit you in the long run.
  • Drive Less: Transportation is California’s largest source of carbon dioxide gas, the primary contributor to climate change. So, I prefer public transportation and I barely go out which makes it easy for me. I wish, I could normalize riding bicycle in my area, people will laugh and that will definitely make me feel uncomfortable and thinking about it makes me feel uncomfortable. Maybe, I have to learn how to not care about others viewpoint and do what I want to do which will a few more years maybe!
  • Choose to be more sustainable traveler: Use public transportation, in case of short distance, walking/cycling is a great option; In simple words, always choose transport which helps you to maintain your carbon footprint. One of my friend has this neighbour who is 70+ years old, he always take his car to masjid which is 3-4 minutes walking distance. Don’t worry he isn’t sick or anything, or else he wouldn’t be able to drive his car. He could just walk right? Walking is a great option for our health and environment as well.
  • Discuss more with family and educate each other regarding this lifestyle: Well every time I try to discuss about environment and climate change with my family, it always end in disaster. I am always the one shouting because my parents don’t bother to understand what I try to tell them. They will give one reply to everything I say, “Look everyone is doing it, what will make any difference if only we are the one doing it” it’s like saying “It’s only one plastic bag” by 1 billion people. I am finding ways to change my parents’ habit. I know a lot of people who would rather buy a plastic toothbrush costing 30 rupees rather than a bamboo toothbrush costing 80-100 rupees. Even though, I try my best not to insult them or be harsh and always remind them what kind of world we want to leave for the upcoming generation and corona virus, Bhopal gas disaster, Chernobyl gas disaster, Australian wildfires, Flood every year, Drought etc are great example but some people will always find an excuse and will say, ” this is how nature works”, ” god is punishing us”, “we only live once” etc. So, Instead of taking too much of headache, I maintain my life and try to be a good example for the people who are trying their best or don’t know where to start living a sustainable life for their health and environment.