Get out of your comfort zone (introvert version)

“Comfort is the enemy of progress” – THE GREATEST SHOWMAN

First of all, I hope you all are familiar with the term introvert. Introverts are often mistaken as shy or sometimes lazy as well. But if you try to understand, it is much more than just being shy and not interacting with too many people. I am an introvert and when I was younger I never really thought that not talking with someone will put me in the list of “introvert”. I am still the same introvert person but a bit matured. I generally don’t talk with anyone that I meet and that doesn’t mean i cant start a conversation on my own. If I really want to have conversation and might find a topic which is interesting for me, you might see the inner extrovert coming out. I also have read a lot of books and have seen a lot of videos about how to make friends and influence people but if I see having good friends, I don’t have any. I am my own good friend. We all are, aren’t we? So, i hope if you didn’t know much about introverts, you might have a little bit of idea at least.

So, it’s really tough job for an introvert to come out of their comfort zone and live life like an extrovert. For some of us, comfort zone can be stay in our bedroom whole day doing what we are best at like playing games, blogging, reading books and even eating tonnes of food. And for some of us also like going out all by us like going to a restaurant all by ourself or to a comedy show or even watching a movie. It depends, we all are same but in a different way.

To stay in comfort zone is really important to us. Earlier I used to have panic attacks every time someone would visit our place and I, not able to find a place to hide was the worst. Now I don’t get panic attacks, I just learnt how to do small talks which I absolutely hate.

So, as an introvert or even as an extrovert person, to come out of your comfort zone, you have to face the “Fear Zone” which comes right after our comfort zone. In the fear zone we tend to care too much about what others will think if we do this or that. We make many different excuses and try to get away from the situation as soon as we can. But if we stay for a bit and learn to hold on, we will get to this which is the reason most of us never get what we really want. Stop neglecting and hiding or even running away from things. No one is going to even notice you and if they notice, walk with grace in your attitude and smile in your face. Make them wonder about you because you are unique and if they laugh, you laugh them off. You will learn to  enjoy your life and you cross that “fear zone” with your chin up, darling, you are on the right track.

After we learn how to ditch that “Fear Zone”, we come into “learning zone” where you will be confident enough to go yourself to a place and ask anything you want. You won’t have to tell someone else to make an appointment for you because you had fear of talking over phone. Go through few topics, write your views about them and recite it and also make it like a conversation and talk with an imaginary person. Nothing is impossible in this life. If you want it, you go and get it by yourself. Okay? In the learning you will feel relax and happy because you are enough to do anything in your life. You will learn to deal our problems and solve them without anyone’s’ help and when you be too busy in learning new things in your life, you will see growth in your life and that’s how we reach to another zone which is your “Growth Zone”. And we see our growth, we will seek for more.

In “Growth Zone” you will be living your dreams and will find purpose to your life. You will get excited to face new challenge and even if you fail, you will learn more and would want to explore more in the real world.

Now tell me, don’t you want that in your life? All you need to do is get out of that comfort zone and face the fear zone. Because once we learn how to face our fear zone, there is nothing in that can stop us from living the world we always wanted. And This is how you get out of your comfort zone. So, this is for today. I hope this helped you in facing the life. Do comment below your thoughts.

Lots of love



Feeling like belle from beauty and the beast (inspired by disneybound)

Disney is one of the things that have given me hope about magic, made me believe in happy endings and also in love. I always wanted to be a disney princess. From having very long hair like Rapunzel, singing with the birds and animals like snow white, talking with animals like the some of the princess, reading books like belle and mostly meeting someone who would actually love me back.

Its been almost 6-7 years or maybe more when i first discovered pinterest, where i found “Disney Bound” and it was like a love at first site about the idea of dressing up as a ‘Princess’ or any of your favorite character but with your own twist in it. Finally, i found a way to express my love for Disney and i decided to go for it. but the problem was, i wasn’t sure enough how would i do it. After doing a lot of research and putting up all my courage together, i decided to give it a chance and live my life according the way i always wanted to live.

Processed with VSCO with preset

All the disney characters are my favourite and i decided to do my “Disney bounding” from “Belle” who inspire me a lot. i believe she resembles me a lot, from the love of reading, curious to know more things and that soft part that she has towards the beast. so, my first Disney bound outfit is inspired from Belles’ yellow gown that she wore during that dance and date with the beast. I tried and put the outfit giving a modern twist of my own. 

I wore this amazing yellow dress from kazo and i loved the material very much, along with i am wearing my only white sneakers which i got from a local store and that Mickey Mouse bag which is absolutely my favourite, i bought it from Mango people shop.

Processed with VSCO with preset
Processed with VSCO with preset

However, my brother in law helped me out with the pictures and he is the only photographer i got till now and can demand anything. That’s how family works, right? (ha ha!) 

So, this is it. i tried my best to make it work. As i am new to blogging, don’t forget to comment down below about my outfit and look. i will try more Disney bound outfits in the future. Till then, comment below and share your thoughts and also don’t forget to share this with your friends. xoxo! 

This earth hour- connect to earth

After thinking and looking through so many blogs and news, i finally decided to write a blog on the environment problems faced in India. I can’t tell you the exact problems faced or not by the people but we need to agree that why the environment is changing so drastically. Being an indian, I am not very much of a religious person or like celebrating festival in the cost of stupid stuff. I prefer to think “what would be more sensible to do for our surroundings and the people”, even though we are the people who don’t care for our environment. In India, if we look clearly, we have gods for everything, from music to environment to literally everything. But look at us, are we actually respecting anything? We believe that everything in this world is created by gods, yet we treat it like we are not entitled to anything. We are just a bunch of losers, who wants everything for free and don’t even want to work hard for anything.
Well, I am sorry, my post was to acknowledge you to do something about the environment and not the critize anyone. But you agree or not, we are the one responsible for it. Do we want our future generation to suffer only because we didn’t get time to take necessary action at right time. Yes, we don’t, we would never want our loved ones to suffer because of our stupidity. And always remember, our actions is what repeated by our children. So if you use too much of cell-phone and want your kids to study, you can’t blame the kid for not studying, after he is learning from you. If you want your future generation or your younger one be nice and kind, first you have to change. If you, yourself wouldn’t change, you can’t change anything. 
I understand, earning for our family and fulfill our needs is important to us. Yes, I understand YOLO, and that’s why I am telling you why waste your time not doing the right thing. If you look through, the way we can save environment, it is not only saving our nature but also saving our money. Yes I will give you example, you can take a bag with you, when you are out for shopping, it will help you to save that “5 rupees” which you can give to a poor person or you can also collect in a piggybank and someday you might be able to help someone with that money. The very first thing you can do is “dumping plastics”. And try to change the attitude towards everything. It’s not important that everything you think or might be written in your holy book should be true. Infact if you look Through, those holy books told us to be good person and not always remember “hatred” is one of the deadly sin. No, I am not a religious expert or expert in anything. But I do believe that change is very much necessary for us right now.

If I start writing how to change and what to do and stuff, it would take me too many days to write and you guys won’t read so much. So, all I can say is read the blogs, take active part in changing the environment, help each other, do something nice everyday and make it a habit and you will definitely feel good. Come out of your home and see, what we have done and how we can change for our mistakes. Let’s come together and join our hands and raise awareness of the climate change in our own place. If your agree with me and want to do something, start it by planting a flower or any plant or even an indoor plants in your take care of it like you love the most. And you want to create awareness share this blog if you don’t want to write too much of your own. Plus if you plant a flower or anything, just take a pic and share it in your Instagram, facebook or twitter or in any platform you desire to make awareness. Use hashtag #jennamademedoit #ourstosave #connecttoearthCampaign 
Till then, love your environment and save it from the filthy people. Do put your thoughts in the comment section. This is Jenna, signing off. 
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Dealing life with anxiety.

People say “happiness is the thing which cost nothing, share it with everyone”. Yet, it is the most valuable thing anyone can ever own. All I want in my life is to be happy. I know happiness is different for everyone. For some it’s all money, and for some it’s seeing other smile and it can be anything for anyone. But for me it’s all being not suffering from my anxiety and depression. I hate it when I think about my needs of anti-depressants to be happy in life. Why some of us need the help of a medication to be just happy. It’s it free of cost? “Please let me be happy”, I repeatedly pray Allah. No, I am not much of a religious person but all I can share anything is with Allah and we do have a lot of conversation.  What worse have I done to be in this situation. Then I remember, I am not alone in this. But that doesn’t make me happy, that makes me angry, my head hurts, I feel like killing myself, I want to do things to myself the things I can never say out loud. I don’t wanna share either because maybe everyone might say “we are there for you”, “don’t think so much” and so many things, they want us to share things but deep down, even we know they will never understand how we are feeling because even some of us don’t know the reason of being so depressed and that is the most depressing thing ever. Even I want to know why I feel like this, I wish I could tell myself. I ask myself the same question, “what is so wrong with you?” Even I can’t answer to my own, how would I answer yours. For me, sometimes I feel, I am desperate to be in love or to be loved. I just want to be loved without any conditions, but humans do have conditions in everything. It’s okay to have conditions. Everything comes with terms and conditions, anyway. Look, even I am asking to be loved by someone without any conditions and that is also a condition. Silly me. My dealing with depression is I loved writing from my childhood, writing is like I am talking to someone who would understand me and will never leave me and will listen to me unconditionally, no matter how stupid and nonsense I sound.

I don’t want to make anyone feel depressed or sad or fill up with any negative emotions. I just want to tell you if someone is dealing with depression, don’t ask them anything, just be there for them in any situation, listen to them no matter how stupid and nonsense they sound or might even find it boring. Don’t help them in dealing with it, they can deal with it, have been doing it with or without you. And I also want to tell to the people who are dealing with anxiety or any kind of mental illness, you should be proud of yourself, like me. We are so strong that we can deal with anything like that which cannot be seen but can only be felt. And we all know, feeling is the thing, most of us don’t wanna have. Because you can’t show it or make anyone understand. So, everyone dealing it or not, have patience and just go your loved ones and hug them tight and tell them how much you love them. Sometimes you got to show to tell things to someone. Till then, this is Jenna here. signing off.

A daughters letter to her papa

Dear Papa,
There are so many things that I would like to tell you but I always fail due to lack of words. I would like to thank you for everything. From teaching my sister and me, take our first walk to stand on our own in our difficult situations. Maybe most of the time you were busy and we didn’t get to share time with you but you were away just to see us smile and have a good life. You always stood before us and protect us from everything. Even though we don’t praise you for all the things you do for us but let me tell you, you will always be our superhero. We love, sometimes we fight also, sometimes we made each other cry but isn’t that how being family works?! To grow with each other into something better.
Thank you for believing in me even when I screw things up. And sorry for all the mistake I made during all these years. I hope to make you proud of me someday. You are the first man we have ever loved and we will love you forever. 
Happy fathers day. 
Your little one.